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I feel for the demonstrators in Iran 16 June 2009

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I have been meaning to blog all weekend, but all of my possible topics have seemed menial and irrelevant compared to the news coming out of Iran.

I myself am not an election observer, and can therefore not say whether the result was either ‘stolen’ or ‘irregular’. But the incredible violence that the demonstrators have been met with is unacceptable. And I say this unequivocally.

If you wish to follow the latest updates, you can do so on twitter, or you can have them updated for you at the Daily Dish or the Huffington Post.

I am troubled. I will keep following the news.

UPDATE: There seems to be a lot of unverifiable information being sent around, and a lot of conflicting information also.  But I am appalled with the violence.  It must end for the people of Iran, this is no way to live.  I am thinking of you.


1. HJK - 20 June 2009

It’s a bit sad, isn’t it, that we have to demonstrate for democracy… And be met with guns!

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