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Just to say hello 12 November 2008

Posted by uggclogs in Height, Life.

Originally posted on 12 November 2008 (edited)

My story this month is by no means as impressive and action filled as those I have written about in the past, so I will keep it short. It is more a way of saying hello to you all this month, thank you for your lovely reactions to my previous posts.

After my cousin’s visit, we had about one week to ourselves before my partner’s cousin, and her friend, stopped by to say hello.  By this stage I was all touristed out, so I was glad that they had each other to explore the region.  It was great to see them, though, and we did take them out for a few dinners and even to a Regurgitator concert. Go figures, you come all the way to Vietnam, and then you see an Australian band play in Hanoi.

But we did travel a bit: We made our first trip to Bangkok in October.  It was nice, but it made me realise that I am so lucky to be in a country where I can at least read the script. It is a little unsettling when you cannot even identify streetnames on a map.  We did loads of shopping, but ended up with little to show for it.  Who knew that even Thailand cannot do my size in shoes and clothing!   I know I am gargantuan, but I had not expected this.  But I am sure we will be back, and the food we had was great.  Always nice to try something new!

I still don’t have an actual job either, but there are some possibles in the pipelines, so all that crossing of fingers that you have all been doing for me is finally paying off (hopefully.) I hope to be able to say for certain that I have a job before Christmas.


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